Corsair – One Eyed Horse Review

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My copy of the album in fetching purple

It twists and turns like a twisty turny thing. A Psychedelic snake winding languidly through an ancient desert strewn with rock and metal”

Corsair put this out in February 2015 but this record is completely timeless. The guitar work is intricate, progressive and effortlessly heavy without relying on tricks. The melodies are complex but feel natural, like you’ve always known them.

This is one of those rare and great records that has its feet planted solidly in the dual realms of metal and rock. Weaving a majestic hard rock spell punctuated with metallic flourishes, this is an immense album and will almost certainly be one of my favourites of 2015.

The organic flow of opening track “Shadows from Breath” is as good an introduction to this latest lp as you’re likely to get, showcasing both the out n’ out heavy and the more intricate duelling guitar passages of Marie Landragin and Paul Sebring while the heavy rhythms supplied by bassist Jordan Brunk pulsate just beneath the surface, breaking out into explosions of heaviness and crashing back down with uncanny ease.

Marie, Paul and Jordan share the vocal duties which lends a different feel to each track, almost like the best mixtape you ever heard. Jordans trippy smooth voice adds to the mystery of track 1 while Pauls more aggressive tone lends weight to the heavier, more muscular riffage of track 2, “Ghostlands”. Titular track 3 again weaves an engaging path between the dual kingdoms of rock and metal, never fully entering one or the other but choosing instead to straddle the fuzzy, bristling border regions. Track 4 “Royal stride” is sung by Marie, a dreamy blend of jangly guitars and minimalist drums, revealing the band in their smoothest most sublime majesty. Angular riffage injects an air of urgency to track 5 “Brothers”, providing what is possibly the heaviest song on the album. Track 6 is “Horn of the Luparii”, the Luparii were crown sponsored wolf hunters in France durig the Middle Ages (Thanks Wikipedia), and this song for me reflects the pitch and shift of a hunt, rapid and unpredictable pace changes amid the effervescent fuzz of the twin guitars, while Brunks throaty bass beats and throbs like a racing heart and the drums track the galloping rhythms of the chase. Penultimate track “Sparrows Cragg” is a light footed rock classic echoing the heights of a certain Irish rock band with its well honed leads and elegant structure. Album closer “Coriolis” is an ethereal piece with swirling melancholic guitars giving way to more classic rock riffing which is equal parts complex and organic. That now customery flow is very much present drawing you into the song, carrying you along on its undulating waves in an utterly timeless manner. Just shy of the seven minute mark this song feels like it had only just begun by the time it’s gone.

One Eyed Horse” twists and turns like a twisty turny thing. A Psychedelic snake winding languidly through an ancient desert strewn with rock and metal

My favourite track would have to be “Ghostlands” but that’s liable to change with each listen.

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